Crime Detection: When it comes to reactive security systems, CCTV records post event evidence and intruder alarms activate once someone has entered your property. 
Crime Prevention: An active deterrent will trigger actions BEFORE anything has happened to deter or notify BEFORE the event so preventive action can be taken




Intelligent VIdeo Solutions

Intelligent CCTV can help prevent crime by the actions which can be triggered when an event occurs. To be an effective deterrent it needs to do more than just record post event evidence. The action taken to an event is how a crime can be prevented in the first place. The event and actions are customised to best meet your needs and risk.


Pro-active Security

Our alarm systems are designed to incorporate perimeter, approach and building detectors to create a layer of added security around your home. If an intruder approaches the system will deter an intruder before they attempt to break in. In addition they can protect vehicles, machinery, plant, fuel tanks, outbuildings, fish ponds, live stock, roofs (to prevent theft of lead)  in fact anything which would be a target for thief's left unprotected.



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Free app for mobile device

With the free App you will always be kept informed of any activation's, set and unset the system or control connected devices.


Peace of mind

For ultimate peace of mind your CCTV can be connected to our monitoring station and on activation live images can be monitored, should foul play be imminent a live challenge will often be sufficient and if ignored the police can be called


Crime Prevention

In the image above the thief attempted to break into a property, when challenged by the monitoring station he fled empty handed. The CCTV footage was so clear the police made an arrest and secured a conviction



We never sell standard or off the shelf systems, because your security is unique to you. In order to understand how the alarm system will fit into your lifestyle we need to understand your needs. We like to do this in a face to face meeting which means we need to visit you. There is no hard sell or pushy salesman, we discuss your requirements, advise and provide a written quotation.



What We Do

For over 30 years we have been providing bespoke solutions to discerning customers. Actively listening to customer needs and using our wealth of experience and product knowledge to provide a truly bespoke solution. 
Crime patterns evolve and to combat and stay ahead systems have to meet this challenge and provide peace of mind to our customers. 
The status quo is not an option.

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