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  1. Proxis will carry out a site survey to establish suitability of the site to discuss individual requirements and needs with the site manager/business owner.
  2. Upon receipt of your order Proxis will purchase the equipment and configure to your requirements and test it prior to installation on site. On the day of installation some settings will need to be made and in order to do this we will require:
  3. Administration rights to install the software and map network drives to allow you to access the recorded footage from the camera.
  4. User name and passwords for your system router or your IT support provider program the router. We can liaise with your provider and their service/time will be provided to us free of charge.
  5. When installation is complete we will demonstrate how to view and look at recorded footage. Test emails will be sent to your chosen email account(s) so alerts can be sent with the recorded footage attached.
  6. A time schedule for the remote alerts is created to suit your business. This can be programmed 12 months in advance and Proxis will amend this if required as part of our service agreement
  7. Upon completion the system will be monitored during the hours you have chosen and the system will be set up to automatically enable this service.
  8. The two way audio is via the integrated speaker and microphone built into the camera. In cases where ambient back ground noise may mean the audio from the camera needs to be amplified to have the desired effect. This is not included in our offer and we will advise about the cost on a site by site basis.
  9. You agree to pay Proxis an installation fee of £199.00 and 3 months service charge in advance plus vat. The agreement is a minimum of 12 months and will renew annually automatically for 12 months on the anniversary of the agreement.
  10. Proxis will provide extensive ongoing support and configuration changes to ensure your system works to meet your business needs.

Our service is designed to pro-actively deter intruders from causing damage to your site. The service is not a guarantee and should not be taken as such. The effectiveness of the system is based on real life experiences of Proxis and our Monitoring partner Morgan Verne who collectively have of 35 years experience in electronic security.

All agreements are subject to our terms and conditions of service.

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